May 30, 2020

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (Part 1)



Howdy gang, it's been a few weeks, but we're back in the saddle, and here to present you with the first of a two part special, on Quentin Tarantino's film Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.

On this episode, Hunter and John (no Stu, he's on the upcoming Part 2) are joined by DJ extraordinaire, friend of the show, Martial Arts aficionado, Nostalgia King, and all around good guy Skeme Richards.

Sit back, listen, enjoy and look out for Part 2, coming very soon.

May 6, 2020

Violent City



Greetings from Italy, this week the MMC boys, along with the help of Eric Zaldivar, look at the 1970 Charles Bronson film - Violent City.

We delve into all the ridiculousness, and rapiness of this exploitation film, done only the way that Italians could make it.

So sit back and enjoy our look at this Bronson non-classic.


Saluti dall'Italia, questa settimana i ragazzi della MMC, insieme all'aiuto di Eric Zaldivar, guardano il film del 1970 Charles Bronson - Violent City.

Approfondiamo tutta la ridicolità e la rapidità di questo film sullo 
sfruttamento, fatto solo nel modo in cui gli
italiani potevano farcela.

Quindi siediti e goditi il ​​nostro sguardo a questo non classico di Bronson.

Voglio scopare la tua donna!!!


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