Oct 14, 2019

3 From Hell



Yeeeahhhh, you knew it was comin' motherf*cker YEAH!! Yes friends, it's that time again, a new Rob Zombie film, a new carefully critiqued MMC episode on it, and of course this episode could not be done without the presence of the Armenian madman himself Garo Nigoghossian.

So, how bad is this one? well, it's... well, you will need to listen on and find out.

Not many tangents on this one friends, just basically RZ talk.

Anyway, enjoy

See ya next episode..... YEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH

Oct 7, 2019

A Study in Tangents



Hey friends, yes it's been a month since the last episode (we'll blame Stu for that) but we are back with a new one, and well, whilst we do cover the 1965 Sherlock Holmes film A Study in Terror, it's primarily made up of about 80% tangents - sorry fam.

Anyway, we hope you'll enjoy this one, it's got kind of a review in there somewhere, and as stated tangents galore.

See ya next episode


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