Apr 26, 2019

Cobra Kai and a Bunch of Tangents



TANGENTS... that is all, that's all you are gonna get on this one

So, Hunter wasn't able to make this weeks episode, so, Stu and John decided to just wing it this week. No Topic? No Problem. There is a lengthy discussion on the awesome Youtube Red series COBRA KAI, however littered throughout the rest of the episode is just tangents. On what exactly? Well you are gonna have to listen on and find out.

See ya next week


Apr 15, 2019

The Octagon



We're back with another Chuck Norris flick, this one being the 1980 opus of inner-monologue echo, "The Octagon". Chuck is joined by Lee Van Cleef, Ernie Hudson, and Chuck's cool mustache. It's like an Alan J. Pakula thriller with ninjas. Speaking of ninjas, no one will admit they exist. They're like the Freemasons or something!

Check it out on Amazon Prime here! Trailer below!


Apr 2, 2019

An Interview with James LaFond



Whats up troops? We're finally back with a new episode, and this one is a ripper of a show. For this one, we are joined by author and boxing aficionado James LaFond.

We discuss his books, his career, a lot of boxing, but overall we just shoot the breeze, and James is a great guy also.

We reckon you'll have fun with this one, if you wanna complain about this episode not being long enough, don't blame us, blame Stu's electrician (listen on, it'll make sense).



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