May 29, 2018

Rock Month: Catch Up



Hey gang, Rock Month is around the corner, so for this week we decided to get you all revved up for it by doing a Rock Month appetiser.

On this episode, we look and review the new albums of bands we have covered previously. On this one we look at

Van Halen: Live at the Tokyo Dome

Faith No More: Sol Invictus

The Cult: Hidden City

Cheap Trick: We're All Alright

Black Country Communion: BCC IV

The Darkness: Pinewood Smile

Opinions are our own, argue if you must, but sit back and enjoy nonetheless

See you next week with our first episode of Rock Month for 2018, it's gonna be a doozy.


May 19, 2018




Hey friends, the gangs all here. Hunter returns to the show after a few weeks off getting married and stuff. Anyway this time around, we go the less common route for the MMC, and look at a newer film.

This week we talk the latest Christopher Nolan film DUNKIRK. Of course, it wouldn't be an MMC episode without various rants scattered throughout (Star Wars, Morrissey and a few other things).

Anyway, Rock Month is upon us soon, next weeks episode will be a Rock Month appetizer.

Warning: This episode has a few naughty words in it, so it is NSFW

See ya next week


May 6, 2018

MMC Mystery Bag


Hey friends back with a new episode.. that is kinda old. You see, Stu and John recorded this one a few weeks ago, and it was meant to be out around the same time of its recording, HOWEVER the EAR/ONS story broke and this got pushed aside for that episode.

Anyway there are some references in there to Hunter's wedding that are now long out of date, but nevermind, you understand why now.

So, what does this episode contain? Well it's a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, with some other things sprinkled over it, so.... you are just gonna have to listen and find out.

See ya next week.


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