Apr 26, 2018




GOT HIM !!!!!

Hey gang, this week, we return to the world of EAR/ONS with some incredible news. EAR/ONS himself has been caught!!! In what was breaking develpoments of the last 24 hours, from the point of time of our recording, EAR/ONS was turned in by his own daughter of all people, and arrested by Police awaiting trial for multiple counts of murder.

We are joined by our friend Gian Quasar, who has spent years tracking down EAR/ONS, so to say that today is a day that is utterly surreal, would be putting it mildly.

Anyway, listen in.

See ya next week.

Apr 20, 2018

Blade Runner 2049



John and Hunter sit down to discuss the new Blade Runner movie from last year, and how it feeds into our anxieties about the future. Hunter will be absent for a few weeks after this, and will return a married man! Stay tuned!

Apr 4, 2018

Frankenstein Created Woman



Hey fiends, this week we head back to the Hammer well, and look at the 1967 flick FRANKENSTEIN CREATED WOMAN. In the annals of Hammer films, this one is a good 'un, so listen on with us, as we talk up this unheralded gem.

To purchase this on blu ray from Australia, go get it HERE

See you all next week



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