Jun 26, 2016

Rock Month: Cheap Trick


The final week of Rock Month is upon us, and this week John, Hunter, and Stu look at their collective pick, Cheap Trick! Recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we take a look at a selection of albums from the Rockford, Illinois quartet's long history. These albums include Cheap Trick, In Color, Heaven Tonight, At Budokan, Dream Police, All Shook Up, One on One, Cheap Trick '97, and Bang Zoom Crazy...Hello! Thanks for listening, and be sure to subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes!

Jun 19, 2016

Rock Month: Y&T


We're over the halfway line, and into week 3 of Rock Month. This week, it's John's pick, and he has thrust upon us all, the fantastically underrated band Y&T.
We look at their catalogue from their first album, all the way into the mid 80's. An excellent body of work (for the most part) by one of the hardest working, and nicest bunch of guys (as has been echoed by just about every person) on the planet.

Sit back, dig in and enjoy the awesomeness that is Y&T.

We'll be back next week, with the final episode of Rock Month for this year, all ready to go for ya.


Jun 13, 2016

Rock Month: King’s X


We're in week 2 of Rock Month, and this week we discuss Hunter's pick, the underrated power trio King's X. In this episode, we discuss their first six albums: Out of the Silent Planet, Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, Faith Hope Love, King's X, Dogman, and Ear Candy.  Let us know what you think of these albums in the comments, and don't forget to rate and review us on iTunes!

Jun 5, 2016

Rock Month: The Misfits


It's June, that can only mean one thing here over at the MMC - Rock Month!!! And, to kick off Rock Month this year, we have a band, whose logo is far more well known than their music - The Misfits.

See we here at the MMC, are actually fans of The Misfits, we just don't think that the Crimson Ghost looks good on a t-shirt, no we actually like their music - A LOT.

So listen in as we go over their catalogue in the Glenn Danzig era (the only true Misfits era in our eyes and ears). We do however, glaze over the other Misfits releases post Danzig, with very mixed feelings.

So sit back, pop your hair into a devilock, grab some brains to munch on and enjoy.... or we'll send some whores to your house.


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