Oct 29, 2015



Who knows, what evil lurks... oh wait, wrong Shadow. Ok, this week, we continue our (unplanned) run of foreign films. This time we journey over to France, and look at Nuits Rouge from 1974, also known as SHADOWMAN.
We adopt some really poor French, oh, and we also discuss this oddball little film. Sit back, enjoy some Bourdeaux or a Claret, a Fromage platter, and an appetizer of frogs legs, 
See you all next week.
Qui sait, ce que le mal rôde ... oh, attendez, mauvais Ombre. Ok, cette semaine, nous poursuivons notre (imprévue) série de films étrangers. Ce voyage dans le temps que nous à la France, et de regarder Nuits Rouge de 1974, également connu comme Shadowman.

Nous adoptons certains vraiment mauvais français, oh, et nous discutons également de ce petit film excentrique. Asseyez-vous, profiter de certains Bourdeaux ou un Claret, un plateau de fromage, et un apéritif de cuisses de grenouilles,

Rendez-vous la semaine prochaine.

Oct 22, 2015



This week, after over 5 years, we finally delve into a silent film, and oh what a film it is. The seminal horror film NOSFERATU.
We talk the original 1922 classic, and also Werner Herzog's 1979 remake.
So pop on your plastic fangs, and listen on.
See you all next week.

Oct 12, 2015

One Step Beyond! Boris Karloff’s Thriller!

We're delving into old school anthology horror this week, looking at two specific episodes of One Step Beyond and Boris Karloff's Thriller. We also go on tangents about other horror movies, Tango & Cash, an obscure Robert E. Howard adaptation, and film criticism. The episodes we cover on the show are available on YouTube for you to watch below. Enjoy!


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