Sep 29, 2015

Chicken and Duck Talk


This week we have decided to finally look at, in depth, the 1988 comedy classic, from the multi talented Hui Brothers 'Chicken and Duck Talk'.
A wonderful little comedy, that unfortunately nobody knows outside of Asia. So Stu and John decided that it was time, that you Westerners opened your eyes, and your minds a bit, to the comic styling of the Hui Brothers, and in particular, this little gem of a film.
So listen on, and prepare to get hungry.
See ya all next week.

Sep 15, 2015

Mr. Arrowshelf !!


So, we decided this week, to each review a film of our choice, that the other 2 hosts on the show haven't seen before. Some interesting picks were chosen, some laughter to be had, and just who, or what is Mr. Arrowshelf?
It all adds up to another fun filled MMC episode, we dare you to last more than 28 minutes muhahahaha
See ya next week.
Buy Hunter's choice 'Pit Stop' - HERE
Buy John's choice 'The Last Samurai'.... well nowhere (good one John)
Buy Stuart's choice 'Up the Academy' HERE or if you are rich, get it HERE

Sep 7, 2015

News of the World: Worst Episode Ever!!!


Hey kids, you like up to the minute movie news right? Don't you love podcasts that date themselves, the moment they reference the news for that week?..... neither do we. HOWEVER, we decided to break protocol, and try our hand at it (with tongue planted somewhat in cheek), the results are, well, another movie news week podcast, hence the subheading - WORST EPISODE EVER.
Fear not, this is definitely not a new path we will be taking, we are back to our normal format (do we even have a format?) next week. This is just us highlighting, how booorrrrrriiinnnggg those Hollywood news podcast episodes can be Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
see ya next week
To read the article John goes in depth about on this episode, find part 1 of it HERE


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