Jul 27, 2015

An Honest Liar


Very few individuals are deserving of the label 'genius', James 'The amazing' Randi, is one though who is very deserved of that tag. 
World famous Magician, Escape Artist, Debunker of Psychics , James Randi is all of these things... and more. On this week's episode Stuart and John look at the documentary on the life and times of James Randi  'An Honest Liar'.
We want you to see this amazing documentary, you can see it on Netflix. Or go rent or buy it from the following places
See you all next week.

Jul 20, 2015

Old School Heroes: The Shadow


Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of the Midnight Movie Cowboys? THE SHADOW KNOWS! On this episode, John and Hunter continue the MMC tradition of exploring the forgotten heroes of yesteryear in cinema (in previous episodes we've discussed The Phantom and Doc Savage), and this time we're talking about The Shadow, that mysterious figure who can cloud the minds of men! 

The movie this episode focuses on specifically is the 1994 Russell Mulcahy film, starring our ol' buddy Alec Baldwin. Listen in to find out what we think.

Let us know what you think of this week's episode, you can e-mail us (midnightmoviecowboys@gmail.com) or visit us on Facebook and join in the discussion on our message board. See you there!

Jul 6, 2015

Rock Month: Ted Nugent


YOU KNOW WHAT WE GOT HERE BABY??? IT'S A GOD DAMN FREE FOR ALL!!!! It's also, the final week of Rock Month here at the MMC. Yeah we know that June has past, and we are into the first few days of July, but this episode needed to be done right. 
Why you ask? Well, because this week, we talk MMC favourite, and rock god, Ted Nugent.
This episode, we cover his collaborations with on again / off again band member Derek St. Holmes. They are all here, Ted Nugent, Free For All, Cat Scratch Fever, Double Live Gonzo and more.
Light up your BBQ's, send your 17 year old Hawaiian girlfriend outta the room, and hold onto your machine guns, this is Ted Nugent, MMC style.
'merica - Fuck Yeah !!!!


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