Jun 25, 2015

Rock Month: The Dictators

It's week three of Rock Month, and this episode finds John and Hunter discussing one of the greatest New Yawk punk bands, The Dictators, who don't get nearly the amount of love they deserve. John talks about his experiences seeing the band live, and Hunter relates the time their bassist tried to steal his girlfriend. Listen in, and send feedback to midnightmoviecowboys@gmail.com!

Jun 17, 2015

Rock Month: The Cult


Right folks, week 2 of Rock Month. It's Hunter's pick this week, and he has picked a doozy, British Rockers THE CULT.
We cover their entire studio discography, tell you what albums are essential, and which ones to avoid. Anyway, grab yourself some fish and chips, and a few of those horrible warm British lagers, and delve into the career of The Cult with us.
See ya next week
NB: The last half an hour or so of this episode, Stu's mic suddenly becomes double-tracked. It is certainly noticeable, but won't detract from the conversation at hand. The problem has been singled out and will not happen again.

Jun 8, 2015

Rock Month: AC/DC


Hey all, Rock Month is back for 2015, and what a belter we have for you. First up, the Australian Rock Gods known as AC/DC.
We discuss the discography of all the Bon Scott recordings, along with the mammoth selling Brian Johnson effort 'Back in Black'.
We also give you a heads up on the rest of their discography.
Sit back, crack open a VB, grab a meat pie, and listen in as we talk the might Acca Dacca
See ya next week

Jun 5, 2015

Baked with Ginger

June is upon us, faithful MMC listeners! And that means that ROCK MONTH is upon us! You all know what courses are coming up, but to whet your appetite, we have a little appetizer here in the form of this mini-sode recorded during Stu's time in America on the documentary Beware of Mr. Baker, which chronicles the volatile life and times of Cream drummer Ginger Baker. Enjoy! Rock month officially kicks off next week!


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