Feb 19, 2015

Episode 100 - We finally made it.


So, your pals here over at the MMC have finally hit their 100th episode, and it is definitely, our most self indulgent one. However, we think you will dig it.
For the first half hour , we discuss what we liked and didn't like, of the films released in 2014. Now, this was not planned, but, we were talking about it right before we recorded, and thought, well let's save it for the show, seeing as we never had any plans to do a full show dedicated to it.
The following 2 hours (or so) is us, sitting back and talking about the behind the scenes, and what we did and didn't like, on (nearly) all our previous episodes. That's right, we sit and talk about all our previous episodes, and shed some light onto them, from the ones who were there.
And just for a bit of nostalgia, the very first thing you hear on the show? Well, it was 2 guys, way back in August 2010.....
Finally, a big thank you to anybody and everybody who has, and especially the ones who continue, to listen to us. We cannot thankyou enough. We ain't done yet baby.
See ya next week
NOTE: The last 15 mins or so, have minor technical issues, Stu's mic was playing up. The problem is only small, but noticeable. We have fixed the problem.

Feb 11, 2015

Rude Boy


Oi !!! Like this week, yeah. we is gonna be talking the Clash film RUDE BOY. We fink, you're gonna like this one, even though we don't about Saxon.
So get your fish and chips, mushy peas, and pint o' lager, and listen wiv us talk about Punk, and  Her Majesty's land.

Feb 3, 2015

The Seven-Ups


This week, we have a little known gem from the 70's, that sits right up there with the other great crime films of that decade - THE SEVEN-UPS.
First off we banter for a while about some things, American Sniper, Heather Mills and other stuff. Then we get stuck into this week's topic, and we discuss THAT car chase.
It all adds up to a whole lot of fun. Look out for next week's episode, we head to London, and go all Punk for it..


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