Nov 24, 2014

Putney Swope


We're about to give you a whole bunch of Truth and Soul on this episode. This week, we look at the 1969 Robert Downey film Putney Swope.
Wait! Was Robert Downey Jr. even acting back in '69? Nope, but his father Robert Downey Sr. was making them though.
Also on this episode, we discuss briefly the Obama Amnesty (Am NASTY) Bill Cosby, and a bunch of other stuff.

Nov 17, 2014

They killed Superman!!


Superman. All American icon. Who typifies Superman more than George Reeves. wait! don't you mean Christopher Reeve? Nope. We mean George Reeves, the long forgotten Superman. 
On this episode, we discuss the sad, untimely death of George Reeves, and whether it was suicide, or murder.
We also discuss the 1951 pilot movie 'Superman and the Mole Men', along with the 2006 biopic on Reeves career 'Hollywoodland'.
This is something we have been wanting to do all year, and have finally gotten around to it. We hope you enjoy it, and learn to appreciate George Reeves, and his importance in the annals of Superman history.
See ya next week.

Nov 7, 2014

Cannonball Run II


Burt Reynolds and Dom De Luise. One of the finest comedy duos of all time, or was there more to them? On this episode, Stu and John (No Hunter this week) are joined by returning special guests, the Bah-Stahn invasion known as Garo Nigoghossian and the lovely Leslie Dowd.
We talk the Cannonball Run II, we also discuss a few side topics, the U.S mid-term election, the walking disaster that is that c*nt Lena Dunham, and the antics of a particular Australian sports club.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to the content of this episode, it can most certainly be deemed as NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
Also, we ask, don't take any offence to the impersonations or situations contained herein, it's all a joke - LAUGH AT YOURSELVES DAMMIT.
Much love
See ya next week (we hope)


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