Oct 24, 2014

Exorcist II


She's back... it's back... and HE'S BACK. 
Who are we talking about? Why Linda Blair, Pazuzu and the Armenian / Choctaw madman Garo Nigoghossian.
That's right, this week, we cover (along with fan favorite Garo) the god awful sequel to, what is undoubtedly one of the scariest films of all time THE EXORCIST. 
Exorcist II is a film that has to be seen to be believed. Inept, dismal, and completely incoherent. Exorcist II is an experience unlike any other.
As usual, the show diverts off into some topics that, those who take the moral high ground, would deem to be 'inappropriate', so with that, let it be known that this episode is ABSOLUTELY 110% NOT SAFE FOR WORK - YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
See ya next week

Oct 17, 2014

You were better the first time around


Films. Those ones you loved as a kid, well, how do they hold up now? We delve into (along with submissions by some of the listeners) and discuss the ones that unfortunately, just don't make the cut the second time around.
Thanks for your patience with us taking the week off.
See ya next week

Oct 5, 2014

Oz-Ploination Episode 4 - The Wog Boy


Wog Boy, Wog Boy. Yes folks, it's time for another Oz-Ploination. This time around, Stu and Rob go back to the wog well, fishing out the 2000 Aussie comedy gem 'The Wog Boy'.
A little film that took Australia by storm, starring popular Greek comedian Nick Giannopoulos, and Italian actor / comedian Vince Colosimo.
This is the tale of the little Aussie battler, rising up against the system that oppresses them, and pays them the dole every 2 weeks... oh and chicks too.
Listen on with us ya wogs (and you skips too) as we celebrate 'The Wog Boy'

Oct 3, 2014

Watch Out, We’re Infected


This week on the Midnight Movie Cowboys, Hunter rejoins us, live from Ebola town, to discuss 2 guys who the MMC have not shown any love to in the past (not because we don't like 'em, we LOVE 'em) Terence Hill and Bud Spencer.
On this episode, we talk their career in films, and in particular the film we review - Watch Out, We're Mad (1974).
We also get onto the topic of Ted Nugent, Tyler Perry and Barack Obama, Giant hamburgers and with a few Garo impersonations for good measure. Who says podcasts should be limited to just one conversation?
See you all next week


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