Jul 31, 2014

The Shape of Things to Come


Hey all, back with a brand new episode. This one is a sort of accompaniment to our Theatre Experiences show from a few months back. On this one though, we talk about our earliest theatre going experiences, and the films that shaped us, or for one of us, traumatised us.
Very important announcement towards end of the show also.
see you all next week

Jul 24, 2014

REPOST**** Iron Age Revisited ****REPOST


No folks, your eyes are not deceiving you. We are reposting this episode from mid 2013, due to the fact we have had numerous people tell us they cannot download it anymore. So we are reposting it for these people, and new listeners, or those of you who just didn't catch it earlier.
Also we here at the MMC are taking a break for a week. We will be back next week with a brand new episode.
Please listen to the opening intro regarding episodes that listeners have not been able to download for some reason. We are NOT going to keep reposting them, however we will make sure you get access to them. How you ask? Like we said, listen to the intro.
see ya with a new episode next week

Jul 17, 2014

Freebie and the Bean


Sharp dialogue, amazing action and pure 70's cinema perfection is about the only way to sum up the granddaddy of the buddy cop genre - Freebie and the Bean.
On this episode Stu and John (no Hunter this one) look back on this forgotten gem, and discuss how other buddy cop flicks just don't come close, to the great Freebie and the Bean. And as per usual, we tend to trail off into different areas, and this episode is no exception. 
oh, and by the way, this time around. This episode IS safe for work.
see ya next week

Jul 10, 2014

Howard Stern’s Private Parts


Garo joins us for the second week in a row (sadly Stu was fighting bloodthirsty reavers away from his house and couldn't join us) to talk about all things Howard Stern, specifically his autobiographical film Private Parts, starring Howard, Robin Quivers, and Paul Giamatti. Of course, we go on lots of tangents too. Tune in, and subscribe on iTunes. If you like what you hear, leave us a review.

Jul 2, 2014

Listener Request: MAD MAX


We know who you are Bronze!!! o.k this week, we are doing a listener request, and the film requested? MAD MAX. This is right up Stu's alley (him being Australian and all), we also decided to bring our friend, and fan favorite Garo Nigoghossian (AKA: The Armenian madman) onto the show. What you are about to hear, is a whole lot of talk on Mad Max, and of course, it somehow trails off into other conversations.
Please be warned, this episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
If you want to request a film for us to discuss, no problem. Send us an email at midnightmoviecowboys@gmail.com. Listen to the info on the show for further details.
See ya next week


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