Jun 25, 2014

Rock Month: The Ramones!


Hey Ho, Let's Go!!! Alright folks, this is the final week of Rock Month, and who else could we talk about but the mighty RAMONES.
In this episode, we go through the entire Ramones discography, and touch upon the excellent documentary 'End of the Century'
Anyway, next week, we return back to movies. We hope you enjoyed Rock Month, and hopefully learnt a thing or two about bands you'd never heard before, or never knew of.

Jun 18, 2014



Welcome to week 3 of Rock Month here at the Midnight Movie Cowboys. This week, Stu and John (No Hunter unfortunately, we hope to have him back next week) talk one of the most influential, underrated yet forgotten bands of all time - The New York Dolls.
We delve into their early works (all 2 albums of it). We discuss briefly the videography 'All Dolled Up'.
We also talk the 2005 documentary on NY Dolls bass player Arthur 'Killer' Kane entitled 'New York Doll'.
Take this journey with us, and come discover, Rock, in it's purest form. Viva la Dolls!!!

Jun 12, 2014

Rock Month: FAITH NO MORE!


It's Week 2 of Rock Month, and this week we're discussing Hunter's EPIC band pick, Faith No More! Next week will have a bit more movies involved, so subscribe on iTunes so you don't miss out!

Jun 4, 2014

Rock Month: VAN HALEN!


ALLLRIIGGHTT! This week, we here at the Midnight Movie Cowboys are kicking off this month of June as ROCK MONTH, and Stuart is finally back in the building with us. Each week, one of us will pick a band to talk about, and starting us off is Stu's pick, Van Halen, the David Lee Roth years! 
So get on your spandex, make sure your bulge looks good, and start practicing your windmill kicks while shredding that air guitar. Be sure to head over and subscribe on iTunes, and give us a review while you're there. Many thanks for tuning in!


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