Mar 26, 2014

Way of the Dragon - Commentary


IS YOUR NAME TANG LUNG? Hellooo folks, this weeks episode, Stu and John (no Hunter on this one) provide an audio commentary on the Bruce Lee classic - Way of the Dragon.
Filled with interesting tidbits, and middle age male drooling over the female stars in this film. we hope you enjoy this.
PLEASE NOTE: You will need the Hong Kong Legends DVD of this in PAL format if you wanna sync up with us, or you could just listen in, your choice.
see you next week

Mar 19, 2014

The War Room


Politics, Politics, Politics. That is the theme for this week. On this episode we are thrilled to be joined by Bill O'Keefe AKA DefendWallSt. from Soopermexican's podcast.
On this one we discuss the documentary 'The War Room', a behind the scenes documentary on Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign trail.
We discuss this film, and also go extensively into the whole 1992 Clinton campaign trail itself. 
Whilst politics may sound boring, we think you may find this episode quite informative about the state of American politics then and it's current state now.
Thanks for listening
See you all next week
You can catch Bill via the links below

Mar 12, 2014

Harlan Ellison: The Last Dangerous Vision


DREAMS WITH SHARP TEETH is a documentary of Harlan Ellison, prolific short story writer, science fiction convention cult of personality and perpetual crank. Hunter and John (No Stu this week, as he'd never heard of the guy) discuss whether the documentary captures the essence of Harlan's appeal, or lack thereof. And yes, the producers of THE TERMINATOR did settle with Ellison on a plagiarism charge. Ellison also wrote the famous Star Trek episode "City On the Edge of Forever," but we don't get into that too much. An informative episode that'll have you Googling so much, you'll go back to Ask Jeeves.

See you next week

Mar 6, 2014

Theatre Experiences


Ah, Theatre experiences. We've all had 'em. Some good, some bad, but nonetheless, we've all been there. This week's episode, Stu, John and the return of the Armenian madman Garo (no Hunter this episode) dig deep and give you some of their experiences. Please note, this episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK as some of the stories are explicit in either language or nature.
See you next Wednesday


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