Feb 27, 2014

Take it from Us: Open Five

Here's one from the vault for ya's. Whilst available as a site only download, it has never been available on the feed, and seeing as we are having difficulties with the episode that should have been this week's one (that will be next week, promise) we thought we'd get this little discussion Hunter and Stu had alllll the way back in October 2010 about a wonderful little indy film called OPEN FIVE out to your ears. 

Once you've listened to this, go watch the film AND the now available sequel OPEN FIVE 2. Or, if you prefer to watch the film then listen to our discussion, do that also. Either way, check these films out.

See you next Wednesday

Watch OPEN FIVE for free (you lucky buggers) HERE

Watch OPEN FIVE 2 for free (you're all so spoilt) HERE

Feb 19, 2014

Gambling with Addiction

The death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman shocked film fans around the world. in this week's episode, Hunter and Stu (for the first time ever in his time in the MMC, no John) look at one of his lesser known, but by no means lesser effort, films - Owning Mahowny.

We also highlight the correlation of Hoffman's character portrayal of hopeless Gambling addict - Dan Mahowny, alongside the real life addictions of Hoffman himself.

Yes, we know, this is yet another dark episode from the MMC. We promise, next week's episode will be a lot more fun, and certainly back to our 'normal' selves.

See you next Wednesday

Feb 13, 2014

Tell Me About It: The Professionals

Hey everybody we are back with a new episode for this week - wait, what? This week? Yes, that's right, from now on, starting with this episode, we here at the Midnight Movie Cowboys are going from a bi-weekly (or fortnightly) show to a weekly one. More details contained within this episode.

Speaking of this episode, Stu and John (no Hunter on this one) carry on the television theme, and look at one of the seminal 70's Police dramas, that hardly anybody (in North America anyway) has heard of - The Professionals.

Listen in as we discuss 2 episodes, one of them so controversial it was banned for over 25 years, and talk about the 3 outstanding lead actors, and the brilliant writer / creator of this amazing show.



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