Jul 28, 2013

Man Of Steel

Da da da dunt dun duh... you know how it goes. Here on this episode, Hunter, John and returning special guest Shaun Davis (AKA Haddonfield Hatchet) from the super awesome Land of the Creeps podcast talk the latest Zack Snyder flick MAN OF STEEL. 

No Stu on this one due to a semi boycott (or more like Australian ticket prices are a joke). 

How did the guys find it? Listen on as they give a brief rundown on Superman in cinema, then a discussion on Man of Steel. 


You can find the Meat Man (AKA Shaun) here 

Jul 15, 2013

The Lords Of Salem - An Exercise in Revilement.

Well, well, well, look has been thrown into the ring with the MMC again, why it's our old mate Rob Zombie. On this episode, we, along with our returning guest host Garo Nigoghossian, take a roundtable look at Mr. Zombie's latest... effort - The Lords of Salem. What did we think of it? Did we like it? Did we wanna burn every known existing print of it? Listen on and find out. 

You can get Garo HERE on Twitter. 

Like the Facebook page to his upcoming film 'Dangerous People' HERE

Watch the trailer to 'Dangerous People' on Vimeo HERE (not recommended for viewing in a work station, Angelina may melt your computer screens)

PLEASE NOTE - For this episode, we were unfortunately plagued again with the same audio issues we suffered on our last episode 'Crash Cinema'. This problem has now been rectified, and will not occur again in the future. Thanks for understanding.


Jul 1, 2013

Crash Cinema

Ah, bootlegs. We all know they exist, and as our whistle blower is about to tell you, it is rampant, especially, with Martial Arts films. We are joined this time around by our film making buddy Garo Nigoghossian. Listen as he lifts the lid on what went on in the old days of vhs, and the infant stages of dvd.

We also have Garo explain his account of how the twitter sensation that was (and still is) Fake Paramount came to be.

You can find Garo on Facebook here

You can also check out the trailer for his upcoming film 'Dangerous People' on Vimeo here (be warned, it has some nudity, for those of you who have lived under a rock all your life).

*PLEASE NOTE: The audio on this episode suffers a little from reverb due to the severe restraints we had on recording. We were forced to try another method, which was not our usual style. It won't detract from the (what can be very strong) subject matter at hand.



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