Jun 5, 2013

Summer Movie Apathy


You've heard it all before, every summer, this film is coming out, that film is coming out, blah blah blah. Well we here at the Midnight Movie Cowboys are over it. Listen in as Hunter and John (Stu is absent this one) schlep themselves through the upcoming list of films everybody else seems to be barring up over.


Jun 3, 2013

Stu reviews ‘Bullet in the Face’ blu ray

So folks, here is a review of a title I had zero knowledge of, yet was kindly sent this via our friends over at Beyond Home Entertainment to take a look at, and was asked If I could review it. No problem, I popped it in, and was treated to a show, albeit only 6 episodes in total, that knocked me on my arse.


Quick synopsis goes like this - The city of Bruteville is in the throes of gang warfare, by 2 mob bosses. One day, while robbing a jewellery store, feared hitman Gunter is ordered by his boss to kill his partner / lover Martine. Problem is, Martine is pregnant with Gunter's child.

After a brief gun battle, which involves a policeman who interrupts the robbery, and is eventually shot dead by Gunter, Gunter is shot in the face by Martine.

Here's where the story really kicks into gear.

Gunter, under hospital arrest by the Bruteville police, has the face of the police officer he shot dead, grafted onto his own. The police want Gunter's knowledge of the underworld, and to help solve crimes but Gunter wants something else - Revenge !!

Now, onto the blu ray presentation of this.

Picture is presented in a glorious 1080/50p (it's correct frame rate) and a cracking DTS-HD MA audio, along with a Dolby Digital 5.1. This disc IS region free and all 6 episodes are housed on the 1 disc.

I cannot recommend this show enough, along with some excellent action, this show is also wickedly funny, with standout performances from all involved.

Thanks again to our friends at Beyond Home Entertainment for supplying us with this disc, for review purposes.

Available online from JB Hi FiSanity and all good retailers.


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