May 16, 2013

A Dummies Guide to Collecting.


To buy, or not to buy? That is the question. For all you newbies out there, new to this here collecting biz, did you ever think to yourself "Gee, I wish some guys would get together, and gimme the lowdown on all things film collecting". Well, we here at the Midnight Movie Cowboys, along with some help from our very good friend Dr. Shock, he of the LAND OF THE CREEPS fame can help steer you in the right direction, along with us going off track a bit, and indulging in our own collections (of which Doc beats us all hands down).

This episode is a follow up, to one of more recent shows - VHS Memories.

Sit back and enjoy.

P.S - Please note the less than stellar audio on this episode. Our MMC Melbourne wing, incurred some serious recording issues, hence, we were forced to record in this primitive manner. We know the show's content won't detract from your listening pleasure.


Land of the Creeps - Land of the Creeps

Dr. Shock's site - DVD Infatuation

May 3, 2013

Iron Age Revisited.


I wanna beat him !! These are the  infamous words, uttered by a young Lou Ferrigno, in a film we hold in a high regard - Pumping Iron.

On this episode Stu and John (no Hunter unfortunately) discuss the seminal not just bodybuilding, but sports film, of all time - Pumping Iron. Along with it's unofficial sequel Stand Tall. We also talk the Iron Age of bodybuilding, the current state of it, and all things in between about this sport that we love.

Grab yourself a protein shake, and a bowl of egg whites, and listen as 2 out of shape guys give you the lowdown on it all.



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