Apr 4, 2011

Episode 6 explained.

Hi all, Stu here with an explanation behind Episode 6 - 'Wayan in on Hollywood' and the confusion it has caused amongst listeners.

A couple of months back, our buddy and head honcho of The United States of Geekdom, Rick Gutierrez, came to us with an idea. For April Fool's day, we would both host each others show, Rick and Andrew would host it under the premise of it being a new Midnight Movie Cowboys episode, and vice-versa with ourselves hosting a new United States of Geekdom episode.

So Hunter and I, along with the other 2 members of the USG (also good friends of ours) Cole 'JediCole' Houston (of our Episode 5 fame) and the incomparable Mrs. 'JediCole' Catherine Houston, sat down and recorded an episode on March 23rd - 9 days before April Fools. The show was edited, and music laid in there also, but here's the twist, Hunter and I had no idea what was contained in the episode Rick and Andrew recorded, and Rick and Andrew had no idea what Myself, Hunter, Cole and Catherine had recorded, and wouldn't know until it had dropped into our feed.

So, we did release a new episode April 1st, only it WASN'T a Midnight Movie Cowboys episode, it was a United States of Geekdom episode - confused yet? Anyway the link for the show that Hunter and I recorded over at the USG will be provided below. There were a few clues we dropped that people didn't cotton on to (not that it was expected folks were supposed to be looking for clues) but, anyway here they are.

1. There was NO post on either here or our Facebook page heralding a new episode was on it's way - something we have always done with every episode - the episode was just suddenly 'there'

2. In the post made for the episode, not once were Hunter or my names mentioned in the post, it was just 'the guys', which guys it was though was not mentioned.

3. For a 15 minute period on Facebook it was stated about us 'swapping shows' and then the post was promptly pulled after that - a reference to the '15 minutes of fame' coined by Andy Warhol.

4. The Running time of the episode - under an hour - should have set off alarm bells also.

5. Did you REALLY think we would dedicate a whole episode to The Wayans Brothers?

So, truth be told, we had a blast doing this. We really wanna thank Rick for participating in this, and also for concocting this brilliant idea. A big thanks also to Andrew for co-hosting this (and not trashing us too much - we got off light, phew !) and also our sincerest thanks to Cole and Catherine for making the episode that we recorded at the USG a whole lot of fun, talking about a cinematic icon. Who is it, well... you'll just have to head over here and find out.

also, you've heard us talk about them, record with them, and now they have taken over our damn show (well, not quite, Hunter and Stu WILL be back for the next episode) but seriously, go check out our good friends over at The United States of Geekdom, go visit 'em because they are awesome as is delving into the mind of the ever ticking brain that is Cole Houston

Cheers, see you all next episode.


Apr 1, 2011

Episode 6 - Wayan in on Hollywood

Here it is everybody, episode 6. here the guys have a nice and relaxed episode discussing the comedy and career of The Wayans Brothers. We decided to go fast and loose with this one, and just have some fun.



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