Aug 26, 2019

The Sartana Films



Eric Zaldivar is back, joining John and Hunter to discuss the "Sartana" series of spaghetti westerns. We talk about the Gianni Garko films, as well as the late George Hilton's one-off as the character. 

Eric is known for his expertise on the genre, check out his video below on "His Name Was Holy Ghost" for some further trivia on the "Sartana" films!

Aug 18, 2019

The Street Fighter Series


Get ready to smash some x-ray skulls with John and Hunter as they examine the legendary "Street Fighter" films, starring Sonny Chiba! This is one we attempted to record years ago, but technology occasionally makes fools of us all. With the recent-ish arrival of the Shout! Select Blu-ray set, we decided to tackle all three films.

Remember, the "Sister Street Fighter" movies are not part of this series, despite what Christian Slater would have you believe!

You can watch the movies on those Shout! discs, or you can check all three films out for free at the Internet Archive. Ain't modern life grand?




Aug 11, 2019




This week, John and Hunter take a look at Albert Pyun's cyberpunk classic, "Nemesis", starring Olivier Gruner. It mixes John Woo action and William Gibson concepts nearly ten years prior to the Matrix, and remains an underseen genre-mixing movie. We also talk about Albert Pyun's career, and the qualities that make him an interesting director.


Aug 4, 2019

Dragged Across Concrete


Finally! At long last, the MMC crew review S. Craig Zahler's latest film, Dragged Across Concrete. Better late than never, right? John and Hunter are joined by filmmaker and regular guest Garo Nigoghossian ( which is why it took so long to edit this one).

This episode was actually recorded back in March, which is why we are talking as though Captain Marvel is new and Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith aren't pals again. Check out the trailer for the movie below, as well as the sweet O'Jays track from the film the director wrote with the band. Share with your friends!

 Dragged Across Concrete Trailer

"Shotgun Safari" by The O'Jays


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