Aug 22, 2017

Tony Anthony: The Stranger


Eric Zaldivar rejoins John and Hunter for another spaghetti western discussion, this time focusing on Tony Anthony and his series of films as The Stranger. These films include A Stranger in Town, The Stranger Returns, The Silent Stranger, and Get Mean. Eric also discusses his many conversations with Anthony over the phone, which leads to some hilarious anecdotes.

Show Notes

Tony Anthony crooning


The Stranger Returns trailer


Aug 13, 2017

The Red Pill



We're back for another episode this week. This time around, we look at the documentary feminists, cucks and, in general, the left don't want you to see - The Red Pill

The Men's Rights movement gains a voice, that of Cassie Jaye. a former feminist. We discuss the documentary, the feminist movement, and ponder, just why is the left so unbelievably unhinged.

It all makes for a fun 90 minutes. The easily triggered may wanna steer clear. The rest of you who can handle it - dive on in.

P.S - This episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

See ya next week 


Aug 3, 2017

The Narrow Margin


John and Hunter discuss Richard Fleischer's lean, tough train thriller, The Narrow Margin, starring Charles McGraw and Marie Windsor. Many, many tangents occur, including Diamonds Are Forever and comparing Richard Fleischer to John Milius.

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