Feb 28, 2016

Stay Away from Captain Howdy


Stay Away, from Captain Howdy. Keep right away, not because he is scary or anything, it's because this film BLOWS. Yes, that's right folks, we venture into very rare territory this week - Horror, What with John absent for this one, Stu and Hunter, both fans of Dee Snider, decided to look at his 1998 effort - Strangeland.
What we discovered, was a clumsily written, and poorly made film, that looked solely into trying to turn the Captain Howdy character into a franchise, ala Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees etc etc.
We also discuss Dee and his recently defunct podcast, plus of course Twisted Sister. Like we say, we are fans of Dee, but we call this film for what it is....remember, stay away, right away from Captain Howdy.
See ya next week

Feb 21, 2016

Capturing the Mexicans….with Soopermexican!!


After a very long absence from the show, we are finally joined again, by the legendary Soopermexican, to talk CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS, the very uplifting, family documentary... if your family is as messed up as this one that is.
We talk at length, some very heavy issues in this one, such as the heinous act of child abuse (of which is the central theme to the documentary). We also discuss some other things that leave us dumbfounded, such as Black History Month, Donald Trump, what is wrong with The Netherlands, and Soopermexican threatens to leave America if the Democrats get in.
It all makes for another fun filled episode, we hope the humour can counteract the depressive nature of the topic at hand.
See ya next week.
P.S - A big thanks to Soopermexican for the artwork, go follow him on twitter HERE

Feb 14, 2016

John Woo’s The Killer


It's Valentine's Day on the day of this episodes release, and what says love and romance better than John Woo's THE KILLER. On this weeks episode, we look at this heavily lauded action thriller, that set John Woo apart from other filmmakers out there.

We also riff on politics, Dee Snider, the Superbowl and also Rob Zombie. Oh, and we are joined on this one by the Armenian madman Garo Nigoghossian too.

Not Safe For Work, blah blah blah.

Feb 7, 2016

Dawn of the Dead Format


Betamax, VHS, DiscoVision, Laserdisc, VCD, what do all these formats have in common? They're all dead, and with the death knell for DVD already ushered in, is there one for blu ray on the horizon?
On this episode, we discuss the death of these formats, along with, is there still a place, and what sort of life span is left for DVD and Blu Ray?
We were meant to have covered RIO BRAVO on this episode, we explain why that never transpired. Fear not, we will cover it in the very near future.
See ya next week.


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