Aug 27, 2013

The Ghost Still Walks

What drums say? ...Phantom.

Stu and John (Hunter is absent on this episode) discuss all things of the Ghost who walks. His foray onto the big screen via a Columbia serial in the 40's, to his big budget adventure in the 90's, to a new type of Phantom on the small screen in the 2000's.

We also try to get to the bottom of how did The Phantom become such a cultural phenomenon in Australia back in the 80's and remains one to the present day.

Sit back in the Skull Cave with us and listen on


Aug 15, 2013

The Halloween Experiment

Yeeeaaahhh, here is one from the vault.... sort of. All the way back in August 2010, 2 guys, Hunter and Stu, decided to start a podcast. It was to be called Midnight Movie Cowboys. 

What you have here is the very first ever recording of the MMC.

Now, this episode has been available before - only as a hard to find, site only download - but has never been available on the feed - until now.

Anyway, for the first ever MMC recording, we decided to do a commentary on Rob Zombie's (yes our old sparring partner) questionable re-imagining of HALLOWEEN. Here is how it all started, and how it went down.

You will need the Directors cut of HALLOWEEN on Blu-Ray to sync up with us


P.S - Please disregard in the original intro by Stu about the availability of the PAL and NTSC DVD versions of this recording. They were available for a limited time, but are no longer.


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