Nov 27, 2012

Stu reviews ‘Project A’

Hey all, here is my review on the 1983 Jackie Chan classic - Project A.

It has been at least 15 years (if not longer) since I last saw Project A. So long in fact, that my memory of it, is vague at best. So I was wondering, after I popped in the dvd, just how well would this film stand up today, and the answer is, it holds up well - in fact, very well, if I don't mind saying.

First things first, I love Jackie Chan's Hong Kong films (no, they aren't all masterpieces) Sadly, his career got stifled very quickly once he left Hong Kong for the bright lights of Hollywood, and fell victim to that age old demon known as typecasting.

However, back to Project A


First thing you take away from this film, after having watched it, is the obvious nods it gives to silent film, and in particular, physical comedy (of which Chan is a master at). Jackie Chan's love for his hero - Buster Keaton - is prevalent throughout this film.

The plot is a little convoluted - Jackie Chan is a Marine Police Officer, whose work involves keeping pirates at bay who have been raiding ships. From there on in, the plot takes many turns - gun smuggling, gangsters, hostages, there is a plethora of activity going on in this film.

Which segues into the action in this - WOW !! Jackie Chan (along with long time co-stars and friends) Yuen Biao and the great Sammo Hung, perform some of what must be, the most hair raising, jaw-dropping stunts ever captured on celluloid.

I really want to say more about this film - but I want you to see it for yourself - it really blew my mind, and now being an adult (with a lot more film culture behind me than I did in my teens when I last saw this) I can really appreciate, and also, reel back in horror, at Jackie and co's commitment to their art.

Now onto the dvd of this. One word - Spectacular !! A 2 disc effort from Hong Kong Legends, via our friends over at Beyond Home Entertainment. Go visit their site and peruse their catalogue of great titles

Anyway, back to the dvd - A commentary by Hong Kong Cinema expert, the ever informative Bey Logan is the main (but not only) extra on disc 1. However, disc 2 is where all the other goodies are at. First and foremost, we get a whoppinng 75 minute making of documentary, an interview with stunt god 'Mars'. An interview with Wing Chun Grandmaster (and Project A co-star) Lee Hoi-San, and one of the best on there, an interview with the reclusive star Yuen Biao, there is plenty more extra features, on top of these ones, also. All up, you get 4 hours of special features, more than enough for Chan fans I'd say.

Look for more Jackie Chan titles to be reviewed here, in fact, look for a Midnight Movie Cowboys episode sometime in the near future on the works of Jackie Chan.

A big thank you to Leanne and Beyond Home Entertainment for supplying us with this title for review.

Nov 24, 2012

New Site Only Show Available For Download.

Hi all

Just a quick note to point you towards our new show...sort of. We were both asked to be guests on our very good friends over at The United States of Geekdom to talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his career in film.

So we said sure, but could we put out our own cut of the show, to run parallel to their cut, they said sure, so we did.

Anyway, go HERE to lead you to the page on our site where you can listen / download it.

Arnold flabby